Where can I cheer runners on?


Everyone can participate in Atlantic Airways Tórshavn Marathon. If you cannot run or walk, you can cheer on those who are running.

Runners will be greatful for cheers from spectators and it will definetely help them on their run. If you live on the route you are more than welcome to cheer runners on with song, music etc.

If you do not know where to cheer, here are a few suggestions. Please be aware that there will be traffic restrictions on Sunday and that you will not be able to drive everywhere.


The start is at 13.00 in Vágsbotn. There you can soake in the atmosphere before the runners start. There will be music and a speech.


Yviri við Strond 2 Betri will be creating a good atmosphere with music etc.


The runners will be at the roundabout á Hálsi.


The runners will be at SMS Shopping Centre.


The first runners will run out of Tórshavn by Hvítanesvegur. Havnar Hornorkestur (horn orcherstra) will be playing music.


The runners will be at Mannbrekka.


The runners will be at the roundabout í Hoyvík and by Hvítanes. This is the last possibility to cheer the runners on in Tórshavn before they return from the 1/2 marathon and 1/1 marathon turningpoints.


1/2 marathonrunners will be at Hvítanes and the roundabout í Hoyvík on their way back in to Tórshavn. A bit later the marathonrunners will also return.


The marathonrunners will be in Kaldbak.


The first medals will be handed in Vágsbotn.