Atlantic Airways Tórshavn Marathon starts in the city center at 13.00 on 12 June 2022.

12:00 Storage for clothes and belongings opens in city center.

12:30 Warmup and countdown in start area

13:00 The race starts. Everyone starts at the same time. Marathonrunners and halfmarathonrunners in the front, shorter distances and walkers in the back.

13:20 First 5km runners finish.

13:45 First 10km runners finish.

14:15 First halfmarathon runners finish.

15:00 Medal ceremony for halfmarathon runners.

15:30 First marathonrunners finish.

15:45 First walkers finish.

17:00 Medal ceremony for marathonrunners.

Everyone has to pass the finishline at 19.00 at the latest. 


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