Storage for clothing and belongings

Competitors can leave their personal belongings in Posthúskjallarin and Perlan by the start/finish area. The belongings will be guarded but responsibility is not guaranteed for any valuables or money left in the storage area.

First Aid

Race marshals will provide assistance along the course and call for further help if needed. First aid will be available at the finish area.

Portable toilets

Portable toilets will be situated in the start/finish area and along the route. Further info on map.

Race Timing

Your bib will have a chip for race timing. Your racetime will be registered with regular intervals and your familiy and friends can follow you from the finishline or from home on their smartphone.

Refreshment stations

Refreshment stations are situated approximately every 4 km. The stations will offer water, powerdrinks and bananas. There will also be water and fruit in the finish area.

After Party

Water, refreshments and fruit will be offered all in the finish area.

All runners are offered a bite to eat after the race. Runners can also enjoy coffee and homebaked cake. All free of charge.

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