Countdown to Tórshavn Marathon

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Countdown to Tórshavn Marathon

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Tórshavn Marathon on 12 June 2022

Tórshavn Marathon will take place on 12 June 2022. Registration will open soon.

Cancellation 2021

Tórshavn Marathon 2021 avlýst Tórshavn Marathon, sum skuldi vera 26. september 2021, er avlýst. Upprunaliga skuldi ársins renniveitsla – Tórshavn Marathon – verða 6....

New date 26 September 2021

Nýggj dagfesting Atlantic Airways Tórshavn Marathon 2021 verður 26. september 2021. Allir luttakarar kunnu flyta sína tilmelding til 26. september. Møguleiki er eisini at fáa luttakaragjaldið...

Postponement 2021

Atlantic Airways Tórshavn Marathon 2021 postponed We regret to inform, that due to the severe situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic Atlantic Airways Tórshavn Marathon...

The Atlantic Airways Tórshavn Marathon Course

Breathtaking hills and amazing scenery. A unique running experience through nature, along waterfalls, fjords and the cosy atmopsphere of the smallest capital of the...

Changes to Tórshavn Marathon 2021

Tórshavn Marathon 6 June 2021 for Faroe Islands habitants only We have been looking forward to Tórshavn Marathon 2021 beeing the largest run ever on...